Beykoz Kundura | From Factory To Creative Hub

               From the Ottoman Empire into the Republic of Turkey, the site of beykoz Kundura has a ric history of over two hundred years. "Basically, it rapresent the milestone of industrialization attempted in the late Ottoman era," said Buse Yıldırım, the Director of Arts and Culture at Beykoz Kundura.
               After Turkey was founded, the site continued to operate as the state-owned Sümerbank leather and shoe factory. It transformed the district from a fishing village into a blue-collar quarter of the city at the time, representing the industrialization era of Turkey. Beykoz neighbourhood. One former employee recalled a time when most people did not have watches and would tell when it was noon from the factory's whistle.
               The oral history records have been shared on Kundura Hafıza's Facebook page and will be displayed as an exhibition in the future.

               While a film studio was opened in the complex, shooting many popular movies and TV series in recent years, the development of the site has also been concerned with preserving, honoring, an reflecting the former factory's unique heritage-not least in the newly opened Kundura Cinema.

               Every movie at Kundura Cinema begins with screening of the short film Valimo (2017) by the Finnish director Aki Kaurismaki, which shows a group of foundry workers watching a Lumiere brothers film in a factory cinema during their lunch break.
               This prelude echoes the fact that the Sümerbank factory used to have its own cinema, holding screenings as a cultural event for the community. "The food hall was transformed into a cinema during the winter time, but in summer they preferred to watch the western American films openair," said Yıldırım. The oldu projector is now displayed at Kundura Cinema, in the former factory's boiler room.

               Kundura Cinema focuses on specially curated film programmes, the openning season presented a selection of old movies set in various cities. According to Yıldırım, their audience is mostly comprised of cinephiles, students, young professionals, and locals in Beykoz who enjoy some nostalgia. New and old, mainstream and independent-the selection of screenings aims to keep a diverse balance between canonical and noncanonical films from around the world.
               But the openning of Kundura Cinema is not only an exciting new development for İstanbul's movie buffs, it also marks the next stage in a more ambitious plan to make Beykoz Kundura into a major new artistic and cultural hub in the city. "We would like to make high-quality art accessible and be a creative spot for a broad spectrum of artists an audiences," Said Yıldırım.

               Next to the cinema, a theater named Kundura Stage will opened to the public in fall 2019. Focusing on contemporary performance arts across genre boundaries, the speace will also feature art residencies, workshops, an educarional programs. "Beykoz Kundura is aiming to become a creative destination, a place for coriosity, experimentation, learning, and neverending development" Yıldırım concluded. "We believe that it can become a platform for open and constructive communication, a place where different perspectives meet."
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