Talented And Sexy Jake Gyllenhaal

                 Jake Gyllenhaal lived a childhood full of art in Hollywood, as the son of a director father and a screenwriter mother. He starred in cult movies at the beginning of his career and although he has deep blue eyes and a good looking face, he stood out as a talented actor. Now, Gyllenhaal is winning hearts with the new NetFlix movie, Velvet bBuzzsaw.

                 Jake Gyllenhaal was born in Los Angeles on December 19th, 1980, three years after her sister, Maggie Gyllenhaal who is a gifted actress in ner own right. After graduating from the Harvard-Westlake High School in Los Angeles as his older sister, Gyllenhaal enrolled at Columbia University. Deciding to focus on his acting career he dropped out of college after two years. Many thing that he was able to do so because he has a director father and a screenwriter mother.

                 Although he started his acting career with the 1999 movie, "The Fall with October", many of us got to know him with Donnie Darko, the unforgettable cult film of 2001. While we were asking each other who this handsome and talented young actor was, he had started to work with directors such as David Fincher, Ang Lee and Sam Mendes. These new roles continued to polish the star. In order to get to know this charismatic and talented actor, we should take a look at the films that he built his career on. In 2004, he played in Roland Emmerich's movie "The Day After Tomorrow" in a leading role. In 2005 he played in Ang Lee's controversial movir Brokeback Mountain and he proved himself again as playing the gay cowboy, Jack Twist.

                 This challenging role also earned him an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor. That same year, he played a soldier who fought in Iraq in the Gulf War in the movie "Jarhead", directed by Sam Mendes. In 2007 he was in the leading role in in David Fincher's highly acclaimed movie "Zodiac". He received critical acclaim as caricaturist Robert Graysmith, two investigated the killings committed by a mysterious murderer. In 2010 he played Dastan in the "Prince of Persia". In 2013, he starred in two of Denis Villeneuve's films. After playing in "Nightcrawler", in 2015 he portrayed boxer Billy Hope who struggled to rise again after losing everything in "Southpaw".

                 In 2016, he played a senior investment banker Davis Mitchell in "Demolition" with Naomi Watts. Another notable movie in 2016 was Tom Ford's Nocturnal Animals. He won a BAFTA nomination for Best Actor with the role of writer starred with Carey Mulligan in Poul Dano's movie "Wildlife". Gyllenhaal, who has become devoted to the cinema with obsessive and outgoing characters, as he did with Donnie Darko is now appearing in the NetFlix movie, "Velvet Buzzsaw" which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. Oscar and two Golden Globe nominations, Jake Gyllenhaal shares the movie with BAFTA-nominee Rene Russo and Oscar nominee talented actor John Malkovich. Let us leave a little note about his private life for those who love him emotionally. This blue-eyed charismatic actor dated Reese Witherspoon, Taylor Swift, Kristen Dunst, Alyssa Miller, Rachel McAdams, Minka Kelly, Lea Seydoux and Natalie Portman. Let's not go without adding that he is still unmarried, even though he is always always associated with attractive names.
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