What to Look For in Winter?

                   Winter months, closed weather, rain is abundant in the snow, sometimes we have a break from cold and the sun is warm in the heat of our places, where the lack of cold, feeding, clothing, hygiene in places where the effect will affect the time. So, are these seasonal shifts and cold weather affecting our pets as well as influencing us? In terms of maintenance, do we need to go to a number of directions in their diet?

                   Immunity is defined as a resistance of our body against factors that may make us sick. The close relationship of immunity with nutrition, stress and hygiene has been mentioned many times and it has been accepted that it should be supported with nutritional supplements at some times. Is the situation different in our pets?
                   Nowadays, with the help of vaccines, although domestic animals are protected against a number of diseases, I would like to touch on a number of issues that we need to pay attention to during this season and in winter. There are some differences between the animals in the house and the animals in the garden. If we want our friends to have a comfortable winter, we can pay attention to:
      ~Dogs or cats' kennels, the door of their homes should not look north. Cold north winds may chill them.
      ~The floor of the huts and houses can be easily cleaned, such as sawdust, and we can pour substances that will keep them warm. We can also provide blankets as long as necessary cleaning is provided.
      ~It should be noted that water containers do not freeze, especially during snowy times.
      ~The increase in the amount of feed maybe necessary because the cold will increase their energy requirement. Vitamins and nutritional supplements may be required to strengthen their immunity for elements such as advanced age and chronic conditions.

You should consult your veterinarian about these issues!
                   The cats in our house are the luckiest of our friends. Although there are no major changes in the conditions of care for a cat that does not go out, it is useful to pay attention to the amount of formula in terms of weight gain. Another problem that may be most common is urinary tract infections.

                   We'll talk to him later in the article.
Let's come home to our dogs, who are looked after at home. For dogs, this situation can affect their immunity as the hot cold difference is quite high in this season. Shaving for dogs in rainy and snowy weather, as well as clothes to wear clothes as well as the body will protect from sudden changes in temperature.

                   Patient owners especially want to make foot breaks at home after rainy weather. The material we use here is important. Alcoholic or non-alcoholic cleaning wipes can cause dermatological problems with the itchy, hair loss which we call padal dermatitis in the paws of our dogs. For this reason, it may be useful to use dry towel cleaning or to use cleaning wipes for pads. Again in rainy weather, wet hairs should be cleaned with a clean dry towel. Dogs should avoid as much as possible without excessive washing.

                   Eating snow, both the garden and living in the open-minded dogs can be seen with a subject that is more than a curiosity. Excessive amounts of snow can cause complaints such as vomiting and especially diarrhea. Other health problems that we experience during the winter season include the urinary tract infections, vomiting, diarrhea, and gastrointestinal complaints accompanied by intense gas, leading to pain.

                   If there are cases such as vomiting, diarrhea, gas extraction, frequent urination, especially for male cats, long waiting time in the urine position, urination in different parts of the house and blood in the urine, eating snow, waiting for rain contact your physician. Especially urinary tract disorders can be seen in low immunity pads.

                   Pain is usually a subject that we can see in older animals. Cats and dogs with orthopedic surgery and metal surgery material such as pins and plates in their bodies can feel pain during this season due to heat changes and static in the air. Keeping warm, veterinarian advice can help these periods pass comfortably. Cats and dogs that are born in this season should be avoided at the appropriate time, and parasites should be avoided.

                   Parvoviral enteritis, the disease of the cat and the dog, kennel cough and often known diseases such as the disease of viral and bacterial epidemics such as the disease and the winter season with low immunity can be activated more quickly with the low immunity of the farm environment, whether the shelter environment should be careful about the animals we will adopt, crowded populations If you are feeding and caring for street animals, especially if we have a package in our house, wearing gloves, changing the clothes on us as soon as we come home, it is good to clean the base of our shoes with antiseptic solutions.
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