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Are Teeth Decaying During Pregnancy?

                  The increase in oestrogen and progesterone hormones during pregnancy makes the mouth mucosa more sensitive to external factors especially to bacterial plaques. The balance failure during pregnancy period causes teeth to decay faster than normal. Following vomiting in the first months of the pregnancy, mothers-to-be ignore brushing their teeth. Due to the effects of hormones, future mothers, whose gingival bleeding gets faster, avoid brushing their teeth.
                  Therefore, decay might be seen more often. During this period, there might be various reasons for decays. İf future mothers cannot meet the calcium needs through food, calcium which is fatal for the development of the baby might be supplied from the bones of the mother. İf the future mother can have a healthy diet and take care of her mouth and dental health appropriately, she will not face dental problems different from her normal period.

                  The first three months are the period when both the baby and the mother are very sensitiveç Unnecessary treatments might cause abortion. However, it is necessary to go to the dentist for urgent treatments such as teeth extraction and root canal treatments without hesitation when there are pains and cases that will get worse if not treated. Dentists will provide treatment with medication that will not harm the baby.

                  The second three-month period is a medium sensitivity period. İt is the best period for many treatments such as teeth extraction, filling, or root canal treatments that could not be postponed until the end of the pregnancy and you can go to your dentist. İn the last three-month period, the baby has already grown in the mother's womb and delivery is coming. Just like within the first three-month period, dentists will not treat anything apart from emergency treatments.
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