The Freshest Flavors At The Bloom

                  One of the rising districts popular not only because of its modern and well-ordered settlement, but also because of its proximity to the recently opened İstanbul airport. You can the see an elegant and aesthetic building in the most attractive spot of this realm. The most critical point of this building by the famous Turkish architect Hakan Kıran is the Bloom, offering service from breakfast to night snacks. İt used to be the venue of the Gezi Patisserie and there was a chocolate atelier inside.

                  Now all of them are combined one location to become a complex and it works very well. One of the most important features for me here is the value given to the freshness of the products. There is a European-style greengrocer at the entrance of the restaurant. Fruit and vegetables coming directly from the producers are both sold to consumers and used for production. By the way, the prices are very reasonable. The products in the chocolate section do not contain any preservatives, you know we also see this at other brands as well.

                  The menu is always changing and it is not printed at all. When I visited, they offered tabule with turnip as a different taste, I have to say that it is worth trying. However, I could not associate their 'nigiri' lentil balls with neither Japanese nor with Antakya cuisine. The lentil soup with curcuma was magnificent and the condensed yogurt and lemon poured into it during service made the soup more delicious. I also found the beef in spinach borani combination very successful. Salmon with pomegranate sauce was serviced as a finale. İt was presented with finely sliced squash and turnip, which I think should be tasted as well. There were also hamburgers and lamb liver on the menu, drawing my attention. Lastly, it is impossible to say no to the shia parfait and the homemade chocolate.

                  Hakan Kıran has created the concept with his experienced team. He entrust his kitchen to Fikret Demirağ from Antakya, who is a graduate from the Department of tourism at the Bilkent University. I Believe that the young Chef, who has gained a lot of experience in San Francisco, will become very famous in İstanbul. The business manager is a very experienced and well-known name, Volkan Hacısalihoğlu, who started his career on cruise ships in the United States of America and who worked as restaurant manager for a Hilton hotel in the UK for two years. Actually, we know him as the manager of the Suada. I wish the success of this beautiful venue will continue.
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