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Fifth marriage over in 12 days...
Actress Pamela Anderson has separated from husband Jon Peters 12 days after she and the74-year-old film producer wed in intimate ceremony in Malibu. The former Baywatch star issued a statement, in which she said she would not be formalising her fifth marriage certificate. The 52-year-old added: "We would be very grateful for your support as we take some time apart to re-evaluate what we want from life and from one another." She was previously wed to rockers Tommy Lee and Kid Rock and twice to poker player Rick Salomon.

Model engaged to her rapper love...
British model Jourdan Dunn is engaged to rapper and streetwear label owner Dion "Sincere" Hamilton after a year of dating. Sharing the news on İnstagram, the 29-year-old wrote: "Jourdan Dunn Hamilton... has a nice ring to it" with a photo of her proudly flashing a huge diamond ring. Jourdan, who is mum to son Riley, nine, from a previous relationship, called D,on her "life partner" in a New Year's Day post.

Actress Sienna Miller is engaged to her publisher boyfrend of a year, Lucas Zwirner. Frends confirmed the 29-year-old had popped the question last mounth after Sienna, 38, was seen in New York wearing a diamond ring. She was previously engaged to actor Tom Sturridge with whom she shares daughter Marlow, seven, before they split in 2015, and to her, Alfie co-star Jude Law in 2004.
Two charged over home burglary...
A mother and son have been charged over a burglary at the London home of Tamara Ecclestone. Cleaner Maria Mester and her 29-year-old son Emil-Bogdan Savastru, wew last week charged at Westminster Magistrates Court with conspiracy to commit burglary. The pair are alleged to have stolen jewellery worth millions of pounds from the heiress's Kensington home last December. Tamara, the daughter of ex-Formula 1 chief executive Bernie, was away with husband Jay Rutland and daughter Sophia, seven, on a family holiday at the time. A spokesperson said: "Tamara and family are well but obviously angry and shaken by the incident."

Generous gesture to Anne's saviour...
A former boxer has revealed that the Queen paid off his mortgage to show her gratitude for saving Princess Anne's life in a kidnapping attempt 46 years ago. Ronnie Russell, now 72, punched attacker Ian Ball twice in the head as he tried to kidnap the Princess in March 1974. Ronnie was awarded the George Medal, which he is selling to cover his expenses following ill health.

Skates away from Dancing on İce...
Businesswoman and model Caprice Bourret has quit ITV show Dancing on İce. A spokesperson for the 48-year-old said she wants to "recover and look after herself and her family". She added the Caprice's "mental wellbeing has been affected over the last two mounths and recent stories leaked to the press are not only salacious but extremely hurtful". Caprice's exit comes after her unexplained split from original skating partner Hamish Gaman. She returned a week later to skate with new partner Oscar Peter.

Boycotts BBC show at grief question...
Singer Louis Tomlinson has vowed never to appear on BBC Breakfast again after sayinghe was upset at being pressed to talk about losing his mother and sister on the early morning show. When asked on Twitter  by presenter Dan Walker why he felt that way, tje former One Direction star tweeted: "ıt goes without saying how hard it is to lose both people so close to me. The least I ask is you respect my decision of not wanting to be asked in interviews about something so painful." Louis lost his mum Johannah to leukaemia in 2016. His younger sister Felicite died aged 18 after anaccidental overdose in 2018.

Harry and Meghan back in the spotlight...
                          The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have made their first public appearance together since it was announced they were stepping back from royal life. Harry and Meghan appeared at an event for international bank JP Morgan at the exclusive 1 Hotel in Miami's South Beach district. "İt was all very hush-hush, with a lot of security. Meghan and Harry headlined," one source told the New York Post, which broke the stroy. A spokeswomen for the Sussexes would not comment on "their private schedule", but Hello! has confirmed that the couple attended the JP Morgan gathering, with the Duke giving a speech. JP Morgan has made no comment about the event. 

                          Since Harryr and Meghan announced their intention at the start of January to walk away from their senior royal roles and become financially independent, they have retreated to the $14m Canadian home where they spent their six-week Christmas break. Can further reveal that the Sussexes tuned down an invitation to present the Best Picture award at the Oscars, which were held in Los Angeles at the weekend.
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