Beautiful Messages That Guide You

                                   We share with you beautiful words that we have compiled in English. I hope that these concise and beautiful words will shed light on your way at every moment of your life. Sometimes it is difficult to share emotions, explain what they feel. These words will shed light on your path and will be interpreters for what you want to say. This may be your mother, girlfriend or boyfriend, friend or enemy. You can find a good word suitable for everyone in your life. Stay healthy, stay happy.

We did not break anyone, we are broken.
Even if you don't see me, hear me...
Loyalty is a very heavy burden. Not everyone can handle it.
Shush! If you do not know about me, you should not have an idea.
Everything you do to your heart will come back to you.
A person is only valued beside knowing her value.
The only thing that ends happily in this world is fairy tales.
Be a good person! But don't waste your time to prove you're a good person.
Love is hidden in your smile...
Welcome my bustle, you're the first rain I get wet.
Honesty is an expensive property. It is not found in cheap people.
Our heart is entrusted to those who know the value.
A friend is not a painist. Who can say the pain sweetly.
We haven't died today, but have we lived? It is not clear either.
Some teach people to be thankful and others to swear.
Occasionally use that brain, no side effects.
Not the arrow of Eros; If Zeus' lightning comes in, you won't understand love!
Forgiveness does not change the past; but it opens the way for the future. Please forgive me!
No one should think of herself as a star because we love the night.
Just grab my smile, my anger is heavy for you…
Those who accept to be insects should not complain when they are crushed.
People are like photos; The more you grow, the lower the quality.
Do not break the wing of someone who is fluttering for you.
Do not look at defects, look at your defects!
While feeding her ego, there are people who starve her character.
I have no word for your shadow. He thinks you as a man and comes after you.
If you don't have me when I'm crying, don't shadow when I'm laughing.
Decency is what makes beauty beautiful, decency causes loving beauty.
If you say hello to the people who makes you upset, this is because you have a conscience.
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