5 Ways Hackers Can Attack Your Phone 2021

5 Ways Hackers Can Attack Your Phone 2021. Nowadays, most of the transactions are done online which has made our life easier. On the other hand, it also puts our lives at risk. 

Do you know how? There is a high risk of your data being exposed to hackers. Hackers use many methods to steal people’s data. 

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Here are some ways how hackers steal data and how you can save yourself from this cyber theft.

5 Ways Hackers Can Attack Your Phone 2021

5 ways to prevent online theft

1. By e-mail

Hackers sent you a misleading email urging you to click on the email. The email makes you feel like it was sent by some approved bank that asks you to fill in your bank details to verify your identity. 

If you don’t, your ATM card will be blocked. When you click on the email, you are redirected to the landing page. 

If users fill in their bank details there, the details will be sent directly to the hackers instead of the bank.

Another way is that the email may contain an attachment. Once downloaded, the malware is installed and steals personal data from your mobile phone.

Tips: Always look for the domain or the spelling in the email id and if you find anything suspicious please avoid clicking the link. 

Do not download the file from untrusted sources. Take your time to understand the scenario.

2. Malware

Malware that steals data from your mobile phone deletes information from your mobile phone secretly tracks your device or updates the basic functions of your mobile phone. 

Clicking on unauthorized ads, pop-ups, or installing pirated software causes malware to appear.

Tips: It is recommended to use antivirus for your phone, it does not cost much. Avoid clicking on pop-ups, and do not download fake programs. 

Always make sure your apps and operating system are up to date.

3. Malicious mobile apps

Do you think every app in Google play store or app store is original? Not every app in the Play Store is safe to use. 

The apps may contain a code snippet that can install malware on your phone and steal data from your phone. 

The app asks you for different permissions and your details are misused by distributors.

Tips: Always check the permissions when downloading any new mobile app. Avoid downloading an app from any third-party resources. 

Never download a pirated app.

5 Ways Hackers Can Attack Your Phone 2021

4. By calling or message

You may receive a call or message that your card will be blocked or that you have won a prize. 

They will ask for your online banking password or one-time password to access your account. 

Once it has your details, it can be used for various purposes. You may get shortened links in messages that may lead to unexpected web pages.

Tips: Do not share any personal information on calls and messages. Check sender information before clicking on any message. 

Do not share the OTP with any third person via a call or message.

5 Ways Hackers Can Attack Your Phone 2021

5. Free Wi-Fi

We get excited when we hear the word “free” and the same is true here. We get free Wi-Fi in the cafes or the railway station. 

Connecting your system to an unsecured network increases the chances of hacking.

A hacker can access your social accounts, passwords, and bank accounts.

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